The burningman contradance camp cannot pay for fake tickets so please follow the official suggestions below for what to look for (see photos of this years ticket farther down).  
  • Burning Man tickets have numerous subtle security features. Do not be fooled by a color copy with holographic sticker film around the edges. 
  • The imagery on the ticket is very crisp and detailed. If what you are being offered is blurry or out of focus it is likely a fake.
  • Burning Man tickets always feature an intricate emboss (a raised part of the paper that gives it texture). You should be able to locate this easily. If the ticket doesn't have a prominent emboss it's probably not real.
  • There is very shiny foil in an intricate, hard-to-reproduce pattern on the back.
  • Each ticket has a unique QR code, with the corresponding information displayed next to it. Use a free QR code-scanning app on your phone to check that the QR reads the same info as is printed next to it
A Survivors Guide comes with the tickets - it is not required for entry to the event, but a ticket sold without one should get extra scrutiny. 

Finally scroll down past the photos and check that the number on the ticket,is not one of the voided numbers listed at the bottom of this page (actually a scrollable window into a page at

Ticket (left) and vehicle pass (right) that may or may not be sold with the ticket.  Both are sitting on top of this year's Survival Guide. Below the back side of the ticket and pass.

Check that the ticket number is not one the ones shown below.

Scoll down for all the numbers