Burning Man Contradance
not an official website of, nor affiliated with Burning Man or Black Rock City LLC

A community effort by dancers to make

                             a part of

                                     Burning Man

                                                     every year

(following our successful first year in 2010)

here for more about

and to play the video to the right with music
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Coming soon: our lineup for this year

If you are planning to dance with us, your first order of business is getting a ticket to get into Burning Man.  Tier 1 and 2 tickets are sold out and soon only full price tickets will be available.  Burning Man attendance has grown steadily and the crowd last year was 53000.  However BLM has now capped attendance at 51000, and starting this year, tickets may sell out before the event and getting them from Craigslist, etc. will probably be more competitive.  While supplies last, low income and scholarship tickets can be applied for from
Jan 26 to May 31
. Burning Man ticket page here.

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go here for more video (with sound) and a report on our 2010 camp

here & here & youtube vids to learn about
  Burning Man
please avoid serious, no-joke trouble by reading the Survival Guide prior to planning
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        Coming soon:  our lineup for this year.  
        Burning Man - a festival of extreme art in an extreme environment
For 20+ years it has attracted a very diverse crowd, with up to 53000 participants and 800 informal camps and registered theme camps.  

Many 'burners' are contradancers but there had never been a contradance camp until 2010.
Videos and sound tracks from 2010 coming soon.
Dance with us on the Playa Aug 29 - Sept 5 2011

 (nights are cool in the desert with lows in the 40's and 50's)

Ways you can help:

send email to friends and dance groups (coming soon).
Print out (coming soon) and put them on the table at your local dances.
Buy a T shirt.
Visit our  Facebook page, become a fan.
Visit the contributors and attendees page and tell us what labor, materials or transportation you can provide, and if for example you want to camp with us.
If at all possible please sign up to help with the planning discussion group (upper of the two forms below or go here). Or else sign up to just get announcements (lower of the two forms or go here):
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(both groups get the announcements so there is no need to join both)
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