Welcome, we hope you can join the list of wonderfully talented musicians and callers we have been so lucky to have at our camp (see our history).  We will do everything we can to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible, and to make your travel here less burdensome we will give you first shot at our stored bicycles, tents, etc.   We have a lot of sound equipment, and we will extend our TLC to any instruments you bring (ask us about the challenges of making music in the extreme Playa environment).  As you probably know Burning Man is a gift economy and tries not to regard performers and audience as separate categories -- all participants contribute time and talent (and money beforehand) and the entertainment flows in all directions at all times.  All camps are open for all visitors free of charge.  So traditional financial compensation for talent is not really possible or appropriate. Our gift to you is principally the creation of a shared pool of resources that enables you to gift your talent to the Playa. That being said we recognize that many of our talent population is undercompensated in the default world and some of you may need some support in the form of gifted tickets and travel money. Please inform Connell Sanderson, Mark Stowe or Matt Mathis of your skillset and your support needs. 

If you do not need support you are invited "
unconditionally". If we somehow end up with too much talent, we will just extend the schedule and rotate more staff.  We hope to achieve an atmosphere in the camp where everyone including talent feels like the work is spread around equitably, and everyone has just as much time to get out on the Playa to play as everyone else.  We are essentially an all-volunteer camp with some campers (including some talent) who can afford it, subsidizing a few who need to be subsidized in order to be able to attend.  

Learn more at the page for campers where you need to go anyway to REGISTER and learn the ropes.