Skip to "Instructions" below if you are already convinced that you want to join and promote the campaign.

Reasons to Join:

Setting up the alert only takes several minutes. 

If you succeed in getting someone a ticket, you will have a new BFF :) 

You will have an app on your phone that will be useful in the future when you are looking to buy some item that is available on Craigslist but only sporadically.  

It will be useful when we probably have to repeat this campaign next year  :(

If there are extra tickets they will go to help our sister folk music/ dance camps and the growing folk presence on the Playa.  

Reasons we need a campaign:

The chance of success for each volunteer will be low (most tickets have been presold by word of mouth, many listings are from scalpers, other buyers will have called before you).

Each volunteer will only be covering a small area.  

Hence the need for many of us to try,and to encourage others to try.  It is all for one and one for all - next time you may need the ticket.  (We can dream that some day the BLM's limit will go up enough such that it will no longer by a zero sum game.)

Instructions - 1) setting up an automated alert, 2) posting a pledge or a photo 3) how to be ready to run and buy a ticket, 4) sending and getting reimbursed for a ticket

Skip this paragraph if you have experience using Craigslist.  Craigslist is not ebay - it is strictly meant for local cash sales.  Your only assurance is going to the seller and seeing the goods.  The seller will probably sell to the first person on their doorstep with cash in their hands -even if that person is not the first person who called replying to the listing -  YMMV.

1) Setting up an alert - Step by Step Directions 

Email (no phone necessary) option:  

This is built into the Craigslist webpage.  Navigate to For sale, find and choose Tickets, do a seach for "Burning Man" and click the email alert button in the upper right (login required).  

The reason people with phones might prefer to create phone alerts (described below) is because notification chimes can (with the right settings) be more obvious than new email chimes, and the buyer who calls as soon as the ticket is listed and rushes to the seller's home with cash in hand is the one with the realistic chance of getting it (the competition level is really that bad).  

Android phone alert option:

If you don't know how to install an app, see the instructions here.  Of course there are many Craiglist apps.  I generally trust reviews + comments.  You may choose one of the other apps in their review but these directions are for Postings (fomerly CLApp) which is  the easiest for controlling notification sounds.  Install the app from the Play Store (follow the link or search for Craigslist Postings), and open it  (if you need to find it on the phone, it will be identified as "Postings for Craigslist").  

On the opening page choose "Set Location" 3rd from the top, and drill down to your city/metro area.  

Back arrow up to main page, chose 2nd item from top (unless you've already changed it, this will be "All For Sale").  Scroll down and chose "Tickets".

Back arrow up to main page and type "Burning Man" into search box at top and touch the magnifying glass to initiate the search.

Tap the "hamburger" menu in the upper left corner

Tap "Notification Service"

Make sure "Notification" switch is On, ditto for "Play Sound" switch.  Tap "Notification Sound", and, if presented with a choice of sound handlers, chose "complete action using "Media Service" and chose "Always"

Try out the sounds until you find one that you are likely to notice, and that doesn't sound like email and other notifications you already have.  Tap "OK".

You are done.

iPhone alert option:     

If you don't know how to install an app, see the instructions here.  Of course there are many Craiglist apps.  I trust reviews + comments.  You may choose some of the other apps in their review but these directions are for their favorite cPro.  [Until I can play with an iPhone or someone writes this section for me, refer to the Android app description above and hope that it works similarly.]

2) Posting a pledge or a photo 

For the campaign, on the  GROUP FACEBOOK PAGE PLEASE POST a message like  "I installed my iPhone alert.   NE Chicago is covered". Or if you can, please post a picture of you holding your phone like the one above:

Getting a photo with you in it is only practical if you have someone else who can take the picture,  (To avoid a washed out phone screen in indoor photosturn down the display brightness on the alerted phone all the way to where you can hardly read it.) 

3) How to be ready to run and buy a ticket,

Don't respond if the seller is asking for more than $390 for a ticket/ $40 for a vehicle pass + ~$20 fees.

THIS IS THE PAGE YOU WILL WANT TO HAVE OPEN ON YOUR SMARTPHONE OR OTHER DEVICE WHEN YOU RUN OUT THE DOOR TO GET THE TICKET.  It will help you determine whether the ticket for sale is valid - it shows what this years ticket looks like and it has the official list of canceled ticket ID numbers.

4) getting reimbursed for and sending the ticket

These days you can be quickly reimbursed for the tickets and shipping.  We will, (or will get the buyer to) pay you by bank transfer, Square, Dwolla, Paypal or whatever you prefer.  In a very few cases we may be able to front the money for you to make the purchase.  

You can direct any tickets you get to friends/ specific persons or to the general pool.  

 Matt Mathis about where to send the tickets and all other ticket matters.  We will call off the campaign in the very unlikely event we get too many tickets.