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building on the success of 2010, 2011,2013

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If (in 2014) you want to camp with us (food, water, etc) you will need to go here But your first order of business is to buy a ticket to get into Burning Man.  If tickets sell out, you are almost certain to be able to get some from burners whose plans have changed  - set yourself up to be alerted when they become available on Craignslist  (here are two ways).  Also check with me and I might be able to help you.  Avoid scams and check tickets for embossing etc

In 2014 our theme camp will be at 6:00 & D/E (map/disclaimer) - at the edge of Center Camp (concerts/ coffee) and next to the folk musician camp (Shane Butler & friends) MINSTREL CrAMP Our music will reach Center Camp (bagpipes the Esplanade?)

2014's musicians and callers will include:  

Celador (as a trio with bagpipes), Uncle Farmer,
Billy Fischer, Kristin Seibert, Tracy Wilkins, others TBA 

go here for more video (with sound) and a report on our 2010 camp 

here & here & youtube vids for Burning Man 'like living inside Cirque du Soleil for a week' 'a convention of mad geniuses' 'a city that feels like a small village hosting the biggest party on the planet '
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Burning Man
a week-long festival of extreme art in an extreme environment 
For 20+ years it has attracted a very diverse crowd, with up to 69000 participants and over 1000 theme camps.  

In 2010  we started a theme camp for the many 'burners' who are contradancers, and for the many contradancers who have long been tempted to make the 'pilgrimage to the Playa', and for whom a contradance there will be the push they need to finally do it.  

But Burning Man is also a great venue to introduce contradancing to a large, all-ages but heavily under 30, sympatico crowd.    

And it is the perfect place to explore new moves, new music and otherwise extend this already very playful and innovative art form,  creating  
a contradance week as outrageous, as sensuous, as magical as 
 Burning Man   
Nights are cool in the high desert typically with perfect dance 
temperatures during our sunset-to-midnightish dances.
We have a 3000 sq ft wood dance floor, a dance tent and a large stage.
Those who camp with us can use the bicycles, tents, and other camping equipment in our shipping container (stored locally during the year).

Ways you can help (which we very much appreciate whether or not you attend)(all updated for 2014)
Working from examples here send tweet/ text/ Facebook wall post/ email to reach your friends and local dance groups (and if you have more time, some dance groups from this list).
Print out flyers and put them on the table at your local dances.
Buy a T shirt or make a donation.
click the facebook 'Like' and google '+1' buttons on this page, and on the introduction to contradance page.  On the Facebook Page, join, like the event page and invite friends to like
Visit the volunteers/contributors/performers/campers page if you are coming to Burning Man and want to help or to camp with us (and follow any of the links to the form).
Sign up to help with the planning discussion group (the blank box on the left below or go here). Or else sign up to just get announcements (blank box on the right or go here).  
(Both groups get the announcements so there is no need to join both.  Long periods of inactivity within the group reflect the fact that we often revert to planning by email/ text/ phone. )    

                                                      Contact us: mkstowegnv@gmail.com