2014 information we need from you

This form is obsolete: go to the camper checklist for this year!

If you don't see a form below try clicking the refresh button in your browser (contact the webmaster if you have any problems).  When you are done please send an email (subject line 'form and ticket status') so I know to look for the form and I can confirm that everything worked.  The body of the email should say 'I have my Burning Man ticket' or report on the ticket status.  

Campers and helpers should fill out the form (including people who won't attend but can offer advice or lend equipment). Everything but your full names, phone numbers and emails will be emailed to core members of the group and possibly others who ask for it.  If and only if you say 'y' to 'OK to email...' , then your name, phone and email will be included in these emails. Your entry in 'private notes' will not be shared.   The information will be on a password protected spreadsheet that will not be linked to (it should not be googleable to the best of my knowledge).

For those in the yahoo discussion group, "visible to public ID" should be the same as their ID there.
Any fields left blank are assumed to be n or NA (not applicable). Use upper or lower case. 

BE SURE TO HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON and send me an email.
Go here to pay camp dues (or donate money - thank you).  
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