Our camp (red), nearby folk music (yellow), non EDM dance (blue) and a few points of interest (white) 

(zoomable Google map like the one above here) (more complete 2015 unofficial theme camp map here).(2015 theme camp directory here)

PLEASE PUT YOURSELF on the map at this crowd-sourced map site  (Facebook login required) which will show you where your Facebook friends have reported that they will be.  Please encourage them to dance with us (example tweet/text/email here).   

Note Rod's Road and Center Camp addresses reflect Center Camp's clock (coordinate system) which is separate from the city's clock, which is why our address - 7:15 Rod's Road -  is not in the city's 7:15 sector.
If (as in 2010) they, at the last minute, actually put us somewhere other than the announced location, please look for a sign at the announced location, or go to Playa Info (on the map above) and look for 'Contradance Community Camp' on the map on the wall or in the online directory.

We are next to our folk musician sister camp MINSTREL CrAMP.  

Below is a proposed camp layout which gives a very vague idea of what will actually happen.  (Final layout will reflect the size and orientation of what Placement actually gave us, where and who our neighbors are and how many and what kind of vehicles join us towards the end.)