go here to learn about contradancing and
                   hear the music in the videos below 
  Burning Man Contradance  
a community effort by contradancers
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              to create a week of contradancing at
                         Burning Man 2010 and beyond
(not an official website of nor affiliated with Burning Man or Black Rock City LLC)  
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Latest news  (Mar. 7 2010): Our first commitment of musical talent and it is hard to imagine a better suited or more exciting band (electric fiddle, didgeridoo, and more, electronic and traditional): 
P e r p e t u a l   e-M o t i o n (Mar 12 2010) Our first caller Tara Bolker 
(the dynamo behind Vernal's dance weekend, and founder Gainesville Dance and Music Assn.) 
(July 2 2010) our camp 'Contradance Community Camp' is an official theme camp - the camp's ' general address will be Athens & 4:30 and will have a space of 100 x 200'
Burning Man
a festival of extreme art in an extreme environment:
For 20+ years it has attracted a very diverse crowd, with up to 53000 participants and 800 informal camps and registered theme camps.  

Many 'burners' are contradancers but there has never been a contradance camp.
We hope to change that, and do a little experimenting with the art form. 
Burning Man, after all, is the perfect place for exploring edgy new ideas
Launch: Feb 19 2010
Phase I
Group discussion - how to do it, and how much it will cost.  To see our thinking so far, check out the wikis or go to the discussion group.  
We decide on a budget, the minimum number of volunteers needed, etc.

Phase II
Publicity, fund raising, recruiting talent and labor.

Phase III - We are here
We turn our ideas into reality.  (This website will be continuously documenting our spending of your donations.) 

I have realized
that for this first year, there are too many decisions that will be made at the last minute and now that I have a rough budget,  I have decided to assume all of the costs beyond money raised.  Next year I will need to use an escrow system to raise the necessary funds ahead of time (or return the money if the necessary total is not raised).  For this year your donations will for example give us more money to acquire a larger floor or hire more talent to create the dance graphics that we will be projecting onto a screen to get new dancers up to speed much faster than at typical dances.   

Dance with us on the Playa Aug 30 - Sept 6

Seven ways you can help:

Please donate to make the camp possible.
send email to friends and dance groups (example text).
Print out flyers and put them on the table at your local dances.
Buy a T shirt (each sale contributes $10 to the cause).
Visit our  Facebook page, become a fan.
Visit the contributors and attendees page and tell us what labor, materials or transportation you can provide, and if for example you want to camp with us.
If at all possible please sign up to help with the planning discussion group (upper of the two forms below). Or else sign up to just get announcements (lower of the two forms):
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(both groups get the announcements so there is no need to join both)
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