You are our most valuable resource for publicity.  Getting more dancers at our dances of course makes for a better time for both experienced and first time dancers, and having more campers makes it easier to put on the event.  But we also need to grow so that eventually we have enough people to pursue some of our outrageous ideas for the future (including ideas that could benefit dance events beyond ours).  So please:

Print and distribute this year's flier at dances (pdf of the updated flier which will be further updated with our address around the first week of July).,

Then on social media share photos like this one of your friends holding the flier, 

Working from examples here send tweet/ text/ Facebook wall post/ email to your friends and local dance groups (and if you have more time, some dance groups from this list).

Buy a T shirt, wear it as often as possible, and talk about us at dance weekends in particular.  (The T shirts are for publicity rather than profit - with shipping costs and gifted shirts we are not making any money.) 

Join the Facebook Page, and Like (
and invite friends to Like) this year's dance event when that event is added to the events page after we have been placed in early July.  (Sadly you can't Like any pages on our website because currently Facebook Like buttons are incompatible with Google Sites web pages like ours.)

If you contribute to a website, please link to our main page and our very thorough, and general purpose  'introduction to contradance' page.  If you like the latter, you could link to it any time you use the word contradance, and please urge your local dance's webmaster to check it out and link to it.

The remaining, more labor intensive options:

Sadly, every year some people who want to be in our camp end up AT RISK OF BEING SHUT OUT because they do not have tickets which are so hard to get these days that successfully purchasing a single ticket requires multiple people trying at the same time.   BUT because tickets are transferable YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.  (You don't have to be someone who is actually going to the event.)  In some cases we are willing to give 'purchase volunteers' (PVs) the money ahead of time.  Some PVs pursue Craigslist tickets (June, July and August) using apps that alert them to tickets as soon as the ads are posted.  Other PVs  register for ticket sales and wait at a computer on the day of the sale (sales are in February and August), so that they can click in the first few seconds of the sale (although lately it has become more of a defacto lottery where timing is not so critical).   To learn more, go to the Ticket Section at the end of, this page.

At Burning Man please help us with set up and take down (contact Mark Stowe ahead of time or just come on over as we usually have something that needs doing).  Remember to talk us up with your friends and remind them of our dances (especially just beforehand).  Help us with any flashmob dances.

Thanks for whatever you can do!