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Dance with us Aug 30 - Sep 7 2015 (officially opens on 
Sunday this year.)
on Rod's Road (the outer edge of Center Camp)    a short ways clockwise from 6 and D  (see map/
flaming dancersBurning Man Contradance
not an official website of, nor affiliated with Burning Man or Black Rock City LLC
Our camp has made contradancing a part
Burning Man every year since 2010

Learn what makes 
people fall in love with 
and where to find it near you 
(including videos with music)  

why burners 
keep coming back to 
the desert, and how 
to prepare for
Burning Man 
when you finally
decide to go
there yourself.
from our
camp - 
go here 
for more
and a 
of our 
previous musicians
and callers

Musicians: Connell Sanderson (highland bagpipe, irish flute, uilleann pipes, penny and low whistles), Dan Engle (guitar, octave mandolin, fiddle, banjo), Lucy Bowen (guitar), James Wilson (bass), Billy Fischer (drums) and others TBA
Frannie Marr,  Billy Fischer

We are 30 campers (and growing),  10  returning campers/ volunteers,  5 coordinators (music, cooking, etc), 5 on the board of our 501c3 (donations will be tax deductible).

Contradances Mon Wed and Fri evenings (perfect temperature) and Tue Thu and Sat mornings (hotter, but shaded). Plus other danceforms (swing Tue and Thu evenings), concerts, jams, crossover activities and parties with neighboring folk music camp MINSTREL CrAMP,  Irish pub Twisted Swan and other folk/ acoustic/ dance camps, flashmob dances (see the Playa Events Directory and, for last minute changes and additions, check the message board at our camp)

We dance on a 28’x60’ (seamless, smooth wood) dance floor, under a 30’x60’dance tent (NEW this year),  We also have a large stage, a sound system, bikes, camping and cooking equipment - all stored near the event in a shipping container.

Q.  How can I get a ticket to Burning Man, and how do I join your camp?     A. **FOLLOW THIS LINK ASAP** It is better to err on the side of taking the first steps - canceling later is painless, but hesitating now will likely result in losing your chance to go. 

Q.  I want to play music, call and/or do sound for you.              A.  Thank you!  Please go here.

Q.  How do I gift tickets or money to the general pool for helping musicians/ callers/ dancers that need support, or to specific individuals of my choosing, or otherwise make a tax deductible contribution?               A.  Thank you! Without you we couldn't continue giving more and more musicians, callers and dancers their magical first Burning Man experience, and more and more burners their  magical first contradance experience.  Please go here.

Q.  I want to help in other ways (at home and/or at the event).           A.  Thank you!   PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK and SKIM THROUGH SHORT LIST of MOSTLY EASY WAYS YOU CAN HELP.

Q. How do I get your news and be part of the discussion?            A.  Please sign up for the contraburners2015 Google group and join our Facebook page.  The announcements are the same but it is still best to sign up for both. 

Q.  I want to brainstorm about radical ideas for the future such as fire-spinning callers and bursts of flame set off by dancers stomping or clapping in unison (and many more).         A.  Please go here.

Q.  How do I join your Craigslist ticket dragnet so everyone who wants to camp and dance with you can?                              A.  Please go here.


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       Burning Man
    a week-long festival of extreme art
    in an extreme environment
For 20+ years it has attracted a very diverse crowd, with up to
70000 participants and over 1000 theme camps.  

In 2010  we started a theme camp for the many burners who are contradancers, and for the many contradancers who have long been tempted to make the 'pilgrimage to the Playa', and for whom a contradance there is the push they need to finally do it.  

But Burning Man is also a great venue to introduce contradancing to a large, all-ages but heavily under 30, sympatico crowd.    

And it is the perfect place to explore new moves, new music, new audiovisual effects and technology and otherwise extend this already very innovative art form,  so that we eventually create  
a contradance week as outrageous, as 
sensual, as magical as 
Burning Man