Google form tips

Thanks for filling out the form! But N.B.:

To even get to the form at 

you will need to create a Google account if you don't already have one. You can use any existing email address - ie you don't need to create a gmail account and the application is very quick and painless and you can opt out of everything. I guess they want to make sure that each nomination is really coming from a unique individual, and google accounts open the door to many services that I find very useful - but it does seem intrusive and I have no idea to what extent you may be compromising your privacy. A search for a workaround was fruitless. (Cue cynical paranoid thoughts.) 

Stupidly they will let you learn the hard way and reject your entry for 'If you are responding on behalf of an organization or community group, please describe it:' if you exceed the 386 character limit. (Tut tut Google.) 

Finally there is a limit to the length of the URL you can enter in 'Web link to supporting material (YouTube videos and other creative submissions are encouraged!)' You should check to make sure yours has not been cut off - if it has, you can use a URL shortener website like (Again tut tut.) 

Here is my entry for 'Why should Google build a fiber to the home network where you live?' in case it inspires some ideas of your own: 

In addition to the obvious academic, medical and tech incubator centers of excellence here, an underappreciated strength in our area is the extraordinary number of independent institutes - not affiliated with the campuses and run in some cases out of small dedicated buildings or offices, in other cases out of people's homes, often out in the woods. Gainesville is the home of the world's largest parasitic insect collection (the American Entomological Institute), the huge Lubee Bat Conservancy and our world class Alachua Conservation Trust. Other institutes are devoted to swallowtail kites, gopher tortoises, and elephant conservation. Many organizations (state through international) have headquarters (e.g. Florida Trail Association, Caribbean Conservation Corporation - the oldest and most accomplished sea turtle organization in the world, Florida Defenders of the Environment) or branch offices (e.g. Conservation Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society) here. This only scratches the surface in the field that I know best - there are many other institutes in physics, astronomy and other fields. All of them are distant from and cannot take advantage of campus computer connections. They don't have a lot of money. They would benefit from high speed fiber - e.g. conservation is very dependent on GIS, satellite data and huge biodiversity databases. Your fiber here would benefit efforts, many being conducted nowhere else, that reach across the globe. 

Wireless solutions are not a good match for much of this area. The Gainesville area forests are tall and dense and rain can be torrential - wifi, satellite and cell phone connections are impossible or unreliable in many areas (often disappearing in the worst weather when you want the connections the most).