Contact Matt Mathis who will let you know the best way to proceed.  Every situation is a little different. Sometimes we are connecting people providing money for tickets, ticket buyers, and ticket users and they are all different people. Do you prefer to be anonymous?  or to be thanked in a flamboyant Burning Man kind of way.   For example you might be someone who will not be going to Burning Man but who would appreciate us placing something in the Temple for you. 

Sponsoring talent at Burning Man could be a way for you to thank particular favorite musicians or callers for all the magic they have brought to the dance floor over the years.  If you want to support a particular musician (or very generously a whole band) and/or callers, talk with us - we are sure that in most cases we will be happy to let go of previous ideas for the lineup for that year and create a line up that both you and the camp will be very happy with. 

We are applying for 501c3 non profit status and anticipate that your donations will be tax deductible.  Our budget will eventually be posted here.