2014 tweet/ text/ Facebook post/ email example

A possible (legal length) tweet:

Contradance Burning Man 2015 burningmancontradance.com Karina Wilson (fiddle), Connell Sanderson (bagpipes), and many more

A Facebook post (third person like you might have written it, tag people you think will be interested or post it on their wall)

BURNING MAN – if you know anyone who may be going and may want to CONTRADANCE please tell them about the contradancing theme camp (http://burningmancontradance.com) with great music including Karina Wilson (fiddle), Connell Sanderson (bagpipes)Billy Fischer,(drums, calling) and many more, . Next to a camp of folk musicians, with a large wood dance floor and storage unit full of bicycles and supplies for campers. The website has a link to example tweets and posts if you are generous enough to spread the word. http://Burnermap.com will allow you to find friends who will be 'on the Playa' this year. Thanks for any help!

Longish email (use just the first two paragraphs if you prefer)

Contradance Burning Man 2015 http://burningmancontradance.comKarina Wilson (fiddle), Connell Sanderson (bagpipes)Billy Fischer,(drums, calling) and many more, .  Aug 30-Sept 7 in the desert north of Reno NV. Dancing every night (the high desert cools off almost immediately to ideal dancing temperatures). A wood dance floor and room for more people to camp (food/water/sun shelter/bicycles and a shipping container full of supplies ). 

The organizers would be enormously grateful if you could help get the word out.  Link to example tweet / Facebook wall post / email and more ways to help in the lower part of their webpage. 

If you know dancers who are going to Burning Man please pass on this message. If you know non- dancers who are going - particularly those you suspect might be latent dancers :) - please suggest they visit http://www.burningmancontradance.com/home/contraintro - the two videos and text there (a 5 minute investment) have a good chance of enticing them. Go http://burnermap.com to find Facebook friends who are going.

A critical mass of experienced dancers in the first couple of nights will be a big help in getting things rolling. The camp is also looking for as much help as possible for setup including Monday all the way up until the start of dancing at sunset (~8:30).

Next to the folk musician camp MINSTREL CrAMP (Shane Butler and 25 friends), and at the edge of Center Camp (our bagpipes should be audible in Center Camp :)

The organizers are hoping to come back every year and even if you or your friends cannot come this year, if there is any chance that you might be interested in the future, the organizers really need as many people as possible to sign up for announcements on the web page (two or three messages a year - or email mkstowegnv@gmail.com).