2014 Payments

These instructions are obsolete.  Please go to the this years camper checklist.

Soon there will be online payment, a non profit corporation and online spreadsheets documenting how the money was spent.  For now please

send a Paypal payment to mkstowegnv@gmail.com

or mail a check made out to Mark Stowe to
Mark Stowe
2418 SE 30th Pl
Gainesville FL 32641
I launched this effort in February 2010 after listening to my friends' Burning Man stories for years and deciding that I finally had to go, and bring a contradance with me.  I have been contradancing since I was treasurer of the Cornell Outing Club in the mid 1970's . (It was one of the ways we raised money.)  30+ years later, I still get a quasi-spiritual thrill out of the filial, romantic and community bonding that occurs in our unusually imaginative, intelligent, kind and (if I dare say so :) modest subculture.
There is a lot of overlap between the Burning Man 'principles' and the contradance ethic. We will certainly 'convert' many latent dancers amongst the burners (possibly to our demographic advantage), and we will learn from each other.  If we succeed, the amazing youtube videos that come out of Burning Man every year will include contradancing from now on.
Until the Kickstarter-like funding mechanism in place I will be operating in the red every year.   So whether or not you can go if you want/can afford to be generous and support this project through it's infancy, please donate as suggested above. Thanks so much!

About me
If as someone who will be spending some of your money, you would like to know more about my character (particularly in the interim before there are non-profit corporation treasurer's reports etc) I would ask you to judge me by a few of my projects and some history (and FWIW my eBay feedback).