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These are consolidated checklists for participation in Burning Man Contradance Camp (BMCC).   Sorry they are so complicated, but Burning Man itself has lots of rules in this area. The checklists are grouped by talent, ticket fairies and all campers. Ticket fairies are people who can help us by purchasing tickets, even though they might not attend.

Note that it is much easier to change your mind from “yes I am attending” to “no I can’t” than the other way around.  If there is any possibility that you might attend please register as soon as possible and, if you can afford to do so, buy tickets. Then if you can't go, sell (or gift) the tickets within the camp.  Changing your mind in the other direction will be vastly harder.

All Campers

Please make sure that you don’t overlook something important:

  • Review the ticket instructions at Note that the rules apply to both gifted and purchased tickets.  You would be very sad to have your tickets DQ’d for a rule violation, such as trying to scalp them.

  • Every individual buying tickets through BMORG MUST register or update their profile at .   Do not assume that last year's registration is still valid. This is required to purchase tickets or transfer them through STEP.  Note which email address you use to register - you will need to know it later. (This is not required for people receiving gifted tickets, but is still a good idea).

  • Important: every individual please fill out the Camp Registration form. (Not just one per couple.)

  • If you are participating in one of the BMORG ticket sales, you should use an up-to-date computer connected a good network.  In 2014, forty thousand tickets sold in about 5 minutes, and a large number of people were shut out.   Fumbling with technology will not improve your chances.  It is unclear if using a smartphone phone hurts, but it might.  Note that all sales start at noon Pacific Time/3p Eastern time, either Wednesday, February 4 (directed sale) or Wednesday, February 18 (main sale).  Consider the sale window to be a high priority hard commitment.

Additional items will be posted here as they are finalized.  See the camper expectations section of the Draft Charter for a general idea of what to expect.


Talent includes Callers, Musicians, etc. and anybody who might be deserving of a gifted or sponsored ticket to Burning Man or other defrayed costs.    Note that an appropriate attitude for talent is that BMCC creates a shared pool of resources to enable you to bring your talent to the Playa.

  • All Talent should follow the “All Campers” list above.

  • Also inform of your talent and support needs.

If you have talent and do not need support you are unconditionally invited.  Our tentative dance schedule uses only about half of the potential dance slots (Tentatively 3 evening and 3 morning dances), if we somehow end up with too much talent, we will just extend the schedule and rotate more staff.

Ticket fairies

Ticket fairies are people who are willing to purchase tickets even though they are not planning to attend Burning Man.  Tickets would be either sold or gifted to other campers within the camp.  Depending on the situation there might be three different people buying, using and paying for the tickets.   The really hard step is almost certainly going to be buying the tickets in the first place.  We have months to sort out the rest.

At the very least please:

Although there is some theoretical risk that a ticket fairy might end up with some very expensive but useless paper souvenirs, last year there were many hundreds if not thousands of people who failed to get the tickets.  This year is likely to be as bad or worse, since they have not increased the total number of tickets.   As a last resort ticket fairies would have the option to sell their tickets outside of BMCC through STEP as late as July 24th.