Burning Man Tickets

There's a huge rush to get in on the first tier tickets.  You want to be next to your computer looking at an accurate to the second time source (e.g. most computers and cell phones).  The 'buy now button' should appear at the bottom of the Burning Man ticket page at the deadline (if not better hit refresh - and you did run the test of your  browser they give you didn't you?).  

You want to hit that button within seconds of it appearing on the screen, and get in line, on line (NB  hitting many F5 or return keystrokes before the deadline, ie jumping the gun, is counterproductive).   The screen will now show you how many people are in front of you buying tickets, and gives you the approximate wait time. The numbers refresh every 5 or 10 seconds.  But you should use that wait time as only a rough guide for how long you can be away from the computer - when your number comes up you have only a short time to fill out the form and complete the purchase or else you lose your place in line.   Two tickets is the most you can buy at a time (not sure if two computers on the same router can each buy two tickets).  You could spend a couple hours in line or you could get your tickets within an hour.  Prices and more details at the Burning Man ticket page.  Good luck (supposedly if you follow these instructions you should have a very good chance of getting the first tier tickets).