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Burning Man Contradance Camp

Aug 28 - Sep 5, 2016

Camp registration (and other volunteers).

Currently seeking: Ticket Fairies, Campers and other volunteers!

Or ticket allotment for the DGS sale was way short of our needs, for even basic staff. Please! If you are even remotely considering joining us, please sign up for the main sale (both you and your S.O.!). We will be setting up an internal contra camp ticket matching service to pair anybody who has tickets that they can't use with staff that didn't get tickets.

Ticket Fairies are people who sign up to purchase Burning Man tickets, even though they might not attend.

We do not have a camp budget yet but we will tentatively be reducing our fees slightly and pulling back on camp food relative to past years.  This may change if we find a volunteer kitchen manager with the right experience to run a kitchen at the scale needed to support our camp. 


  • Join the facebook page “Burning Man Contradance

  • Please fill out the camp registration form, even if you might not attend (it asks that question).

  • Join google group: ContraBurners2016 (Low traffic but a must for document sharing).

  • Review BMORG ticket instructions.

  • Update your BMORG profile and register for the Main ticket sale.

    • This step MUST be completed before Noon PT Friday March 18!
  • Create/update/refresh your Ticket Fly account (optional stress reducer).

  • Be ready at Noon Pacific time/3p ET Wed March 23rd -- and not one second late!

    • Please purchase 2 tickets and a VP if you can - We will have buyers for all extras.
    • If you can afford it, have your significant other register for a second pair (use a different credit card).
  • Volunteers contact: Matt Mathis <>

  • Musicians and callers interested in participating contact: Frannie Marr at .

  • Please print and distribute the flier at dances: [Google Docs], and post pictures of your friends.

  • Check out our evolving the Camp Charter.

  • Check out past websites [2015] [2014]

For additional information about Burning Man and Contradance, search youtube and the web.

Burning Man is a trademark of Black Rock City LLC.