Some camp history
From top: a 2010 medley, 2010 one dance to Perpetual Emotion, Tara Bolker calling (thanks to Shane Butler), 2013 one dance to the Syncopaths, Susan Petrick calling (thanks to Mike O'Quinn). More video from other years is waiting to be edited. Our lighting has been a problem for video cameras but we have had no complaints from the dancers. Starting in 2015 we should have much better videos - we will be dancing under a tent which will reflect more of the light, video cameras are now much more light sensitive, and we will have enthusiastic videographers camping with us.
2010: Bands/musicians: Perpetual e-Motion, Noreaster Callers: Tara Bolker, Dave Eisenstadter, Doug Mclean, Tracy Wilkins

2011: Bands/musicians; Lift Ticket, Noreaster, Ben Schreiber (fiddle), Jim Oakden/Michelle Levey (TMTM)
(yes the Whoots started here!) Callers; Mary Wesley, Amy Cann, Jeff Spero, Dave Eisenstadter, Doug Mclean

2012: (the year of the disastrous ticket lottery - we did not go as a camp but some of us from 2011 put on a dance at SparkleSpaz HoboTron) Max Newman (guitar & mandolin) Gary Newman(ditto) Pat Webb (acoustic & electric fiddle) Collin Stackhouse (ditto),
Mary Wesley (calling)

2013: Band/musicians: Syncopaths with special guest fiddler Andrea E Beaton 
(their facebook Burning Man photo albums), Ed Howe, Calling: Susan Petrick, Jeff Spero, Dave Eisenstadter, Doug McLean Technocontra: Jordy Williams/ Jeff Spero

2014: Celador plus Connell Sanderson (bagpipes), Michael Sokolovsky (guitar), Rex Blazer (generous guest appearance on fiddle), Billy Fischer (drums, calling), Kristin Seibert,(calling)

2015: Connell Sanderson (highland bagpipe, irish flute, uilleann pipes, penny and low whistles), Dan Engle (guitar, octave mandolin, fiddle, banjo), James Wilson (bass), Billy Fischer (calling, drums), Frannie Marr (calling), and others TBA