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This is a low bandwidth page - follow links for videos with music


This site is obsolete. Go to www.contraburners.org

Since 2010 we have brought contradancing (a radically inclusive danceform)

to Burning Man (a radically inclusive festival of extreme art in an extreme environment)


This year our theme camp has been placed at an amazing

location near Center Camp at 5:30 and Arno

(and we are likely to get the most dancers ever and conveniently this is the year we also have the most musicians :)

Burning Man runs Aug 28 - Sep 5, 2016 (starting again this year on a Sunday) 

our contradances will be MWF evenings and TThSa mornings

Our open bands will feature:

Ben Schreiber (Uncle Farmer), Scotty Leach (Retrospectacles),

Chris Knepper (Triple Play), Audrey Knuth (Free Raisins) and many more TBA

Callers: Michael Karcher (Seattle), Emily Rush (Rushfest! Durham), Frannie Marr (So Cal)

We have enough campers but can still accept camper registrations

(iff you are a contradancer - do not give up if you do not have a ticket or if you

are imagining other reasons you cannot go - talk to us first)

We know people who are still looking for tickets so

please help by signing up to buy tickets in the OMG sale (register July 27-29) or on Craigslist 

even if you might not be able to use them!

We will be matching people who manage to get extra tickets with folks that still need tickets.

Contradancing on the Playa is a blast.  See nighttime, and daytime video and even more on our Facebook page (100s of pictures).  
At night the high desert instantly cools to perfect temperatures.  We also dance mornings under the shade of our dance tent.
To learn about what we do other than dance and how our camp works, follow the links at the low or high bandwidth versions of our 2015 web page.  And check out our past history.